vintage kantha quilt

vintage kantha quilt


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embellish your home with one of our unique, hand-stitched kantha quilts. use them as summer blankets or coverlets, or have them decoratively hang over a chair. they will bring a touch of a beautiful somewhere-else to your living room!

kantha quilts consist of several layers of recycled saris held together by a simple, running, 'kantha' stitch that is applied row after row and gives the blanket its unique, slightly wavy texture. this kind of embroidery is popular with the rural women of bangladesh and west bengal. it can take weeks to create one of these wonderful textile pieces, each one of a kind, each carrying the distinct handwriting of a singular woman's craftsmanship.

please note that this quilt is a well-loved vintage item. it may show signs of wear, such as staining, patches, mended spots or sari layers that have peeled off in places. you'll love your kantha all the more for its little imperfections!

measurements: 180 x 125cm or 71 x 49 inches, weight 1060 grams

care instructions: machine-wash with gentle cycle

material: cotton

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