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Unintentional Kantha Art

A new batch of old quilts arrived a few days ago, and while looking at them, I couldn't help thinking that some of those disintegrating textile pieces (see my post on worn Kantha quilts) had an aspect of art about them - unintentionally of course, as their makers hardly thought of what the Kantha quilts would look like when their top layers started to peel away.

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all kantha! chapter one

It has been a few years now since I started to love Kantha quilts and to work with these gorgeous textiles. At the time, I encountered them in a shop at the flea market in Old Jaffa, Israel. Worldwide, you could procure Kanthas in fairly mainstream retail chains. Although the Kantha fad seems to be ebbing, there are still quite a few people out there who share my passion, and for them, I am writing this series of blog posts. 

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