My favourite Urban spot

I recently came back from a trip to Israel - my second home, where I have spent almost half of my life. Whenever I go back these days, my first stop is "Shuk HaPishpeshim" - the Jaffa flea market. But perhaps flea market is not the appropriate term any more. While twenty years ago, the Jaffa market was really only for vintage junkies, today it also boasts an ever increasing number of small, independent boutiques, retro furniture stores and some great coffee places, restaurants and bars, attracting a wide range of shoppers and pleasure seekers. The Shuk is a place of contrasts: junk yard competes with boutique, decrepit houses contrast with beautiful old Arab mansions. Street food vs. (relatively) fine dining, antique pieces vs. cheap Indian fashion items. Arab sellers tote their goods along Orthodox Jewish salesmen. Allover, the market does radiate a very bohemian vibe, though. And that's why I am so attracted to it!

jaffa flea market

Here are a few places to check out, if you ever happen to visit: As for food and drinks, I dig Shaffa Bar, a wonderful little café / bar, where life music is played on weekends. Pua is one of the more established restaurants - the original flea market café, furnished with vintage finds only (which are all for sale!). Next to it is my all-time favourite shop, Maasiya, a little boutique where you can find a range of original fashion items all made from high-quality and vintage fabrics and one-of-a-kind goodies for your home. Maasiya values fair and ethical production methods. They just recently moved across the road and now also sell some of their beautiful fabrics. 

If you happen to travel to Tel-Aviv, Shuk HaPishpeshim is definitely a place to check out!

shuk hapishpeshim