Do-it-yourself Jewellery Organiser

I am just trying to remember where I put my earrings collection and other jewellery items before I designed my own little jewellery organiser, but can't seem to remember... It can't have been very memorable! I made this small jewellery shelf out of an old drawer that I found in my dad's hobby room where it served as spray can storage. What a waste! My dad informed me that the drawer was originally part of my late grandma's old kitchen - which had been redone before I was even born. Perfect for me - not only do I love everything old and worn, even better when it has some sentimental value attached!


So here's how I turned an old drawer with lots of patina into a jewellery storage unit: with four small screw hooks, a piece of hemp string, a small mirror (no bigger than the bottom of the drawer) or a mirror you can cut into the desired shape, and a small bamboo (or other) stick. It's quite simple really!

First, I gave the drawer a good cleaning and sanded it a little to make it look presentable. I drilled two holes in what would be the back of the organiser (the bottom of the drawer) to be able to hang it onto the wall. I screwed the four little hooks into the ceiling and bottom of the organiser - two to be able to span a piece of string in between (for my earrings), two to be able to place the stick on (for my necklaces). 

My dad was kind enough to cut a piece of mirror into the desired shape (a bit smaller than the bottom of the drawer). I attached the mirror with two-sided glue patches to the back of the organiser (bottom of the drawer) once it hung in its place. For some additional organising, I placed a few thrift-store mini plates inside the organiser - which are now occupied by rings and other bits that needed a place. Finished was my lovely, boho jewellery organiser!