Chalk Paint Project: Asian Type Case Makeover

If you have kids, you most likely know that they enjoy hoarding small curiosities - from simple stones and shells to lovely souvenirs from trips and ugly kinder-egg plastic figures. The problem is how to store them. You can just throw them in a box, of course, but as some of these knickknacks actually are of value to your kids and they enjoy admiring them, mightn't it be nice to somehow put them on display? Antique type cases are ideal for a miniature toy exhibition. I find that the European ones often have compartments that are too small for slightly larger items. I found this Asian type case on the Internet and bought it for my middle son's ever expanding miniature-item collection. It was pretty filthy, so I first treated it to a thorough cleaning and a little bit of sanding.

type case

Since my first chalk paint project, I've been hooked and can't imagine using any other kind of paint. For the type case, I bought Annie Sloan's "Emperor Silk" (which, as you may have gathered, is a shade of red). Kids and I painted the insides of the compartments only, leaving out the upper edges - or at least trying to do so. Luckily, with chalk paint, you can wipe off excess colour easily with water. All along, the kids had been bugging me to use blue, too - I was a bit sceptical at first, but when we ran out of red, we had to fill the rest in with Greek blue. I think it actually turned out really cool and avant-garde.

When it came to waxing the painted sections (to make the paint stick to the wood), we got a bit exhausted and passed. I figured that the inside of the compartments wouldn't be exposed to a lot of touching, so the paint would likely stay where it was supposed to be anyway.

type case

And here's the result with contents! With space for all different sizes of kids' junk and valuables!

type case

Next to the mini toy exhibition, we hung brother-in-law Yoni Alter's "Shapes of London". Looks great!

type case yonialter