from hill tribe skirt to cushion cover

a little while ago, I purchased a lovely, old hmong skirt at little vietnam, one of my favourite online haunts for hill tribe vintage fabrics. the lower cotton section of the skirt featured beautiful indigo batik and sewn-on panels of differently coloured fabrics, which were quite stained in places.

hmong skirt.jpg

turning the fabric around, I figured that I actually like the reverse side better - without the panels and with a more diffuse batik pattern. as I had already started to over-dye sections of the fabric panel to cover up the stains, I kept on doing so and threw a panel piece in with anything else I dyed, ending up with six differently coloured pieces.

hmong batik cushion.jpg

I removed the panels (a not-so-much-fun job!) and combined two differently coloured panel sections to form three cushion covers. for closure, I used old and sturdy metal zippers and pepped them up with pieces of brightly coloured cords hand-braided by Bedouin women in Sinai.

and here the result! available at Fairlyworn.